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Rivers Journey


Rivers Desire

Taos River

Galisteo Dusk

Santa Clara

River of Love

Rivers of Life

Tranquil Valley

Volcanic Realm

Rivers Emergence

Desert Springs



Soul Banquet

Placid Valley

Rio Grande Dusk

August Springs

Desert Canyon

Dancing Springs

Rio Chama

Los Cerrillos

Morning Dance

Madrid Vista

Morning Light

Evening Waltz

Moon Dance

Sketches and Drawings Collection

Cloud Croft NM

The transition from mountain to desert is what makes southern NM so fun to explore through art.

Cloud Croft Sketch 2

Cloud Croft Sketch 3

Cloud Croft Sketch 4

Eldorado Foot Hills Sketch 1

Eldorado Foot Hills Sketch 2

Los Ortiz

San Cristobal Ranch 1

San Cristobal Ranch 2

This sketch is of the San Cristobal Ranch South East of Santa Fe.

San Cristobal Ranch 3

Pecos Canyon

Pesos Canyon 2

Roe Vista

Santa Fe Sketch

Monte Del Sol