Original Oil on Canvas Paintings

Santa Fe Ranch Land

San Cristobol Ranch  48″x 60″ Oil on Canvas $7800.00

Santa Fe Waltz   48″x 60″  Oil on Canvas $7800.00 

Rio Grande Santa Fe

 Caja Del Rio Santa Fe  36″ x 60″  Oil on Canvas  $6800.00

Red Clouds Series 36″ x 48″ Oil on Canvas  $4800.00

Moon Light Waltz  24″ x 30″  Oil on Canvas 

Rivers Gateway  24″ x 30″  Oil on Canvas  

Santa Fe Box Canyon 24″ x 30″ Oil on Canvas  

San Cristobol Ranch

Morning Rising   24″x30″   Oil on Canvas

Jemez Gateway Series 1 30″ x 40″  Oil on Canvas  $3800.00


The Crown Of Pilar  30″ x 36″  

Rio Grande Santa Fe

 Sage Brush Flats  40″ x 60″  Oil on Canvas  

San Cristobol Ranch

Moon Dance  36″x48″  Oil on Canvas 

Rio Grande

Rivers Bends  30″x40″  Oil on Canvas

Journey to Black Mesa  30″x40″   Oil on Canvas

Tranquil Valley  48″x60″  

Rivers Eclipse Oil on Canvas 48″x60″ 

Celestial Morning Oil on Canvas 48″x60″ 

Awakening Springs  48″x60″  

Rivers Desire Oil on Canvas 48″x60″ 

Soul Banquet  Oil on Canvas  48″x60″