Joseph Comellas, a resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico was born in Upstate New York.  The frequent trips to the museums and galleries in New York City, influenced Joseph at an early age to study art and begin a life long journey as a professional artist. Then at the age of 15, Joseph moved with his family to Austin Texas. There in 1974, Joseph met famed artist, Amado Pena and a long term apprenticeship was formed. Joseph began selling his artwork professionally in galleries and traveled with Peña to art shows throughout Texas at the ages of 16 to 20.   He attended, Southwest Texas State University on a full paid art scholarship from the Beard Foundation.

Joseph moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1982 . By 1985 Joseph was showing and selling his art in art galleries and shows throughout the American Southwest. Comellas’ art has been represented in galleries in Santa Fe, Taos, Sedona, Scottsdale.   Primarily here in Santa Fe is where he has built an international following of collectors in over 13 countries.  The longevity in the market has allowed for a constant development and growth as an artist and from that a unique body of art has emerged.

These paintings speak volumes about abundance, prosperity  and encourage an exploration of human emotions expressed within features of land, water and sky. What is seemingly simple is often a deeper journey. 

As a colorist these paintings are created to resonate and lift the spirits of the viewer. As the light changes so do the paintings in magical ways that continue to delight on a daily basis. The shapes in the greater body of art has in themselves developed the identity of the paintings. There is a language in the shapes, a stillness and peacefulness that comes from that sense of place and belonging.               

Art Galleries 


Jane Hamilton Fine Arts,   Tucson Arizona


Santa Fe,  NM  1986 to 2007

Pippen Meikle Fine Arts Gallery

Contemporary SouthWest Gallery

Amado Peña Gallery

Water Street Gallery

Zuger Gallery

Romero Gallery

Joan Cauley Gallery 

Carol Thorton Gallery


Taos,  NM  1988 to 1999

 Gallery A

 The Variant Gallery

Arizona  1999 to 2007   

Jordan Road Gallery, Sedona

 Casa de Artistas, Scottsdale  

Proctor Fine Art Gallery,Sedona